An event is something that has happened, so we use “past tense” for the name. If my app is popular however I will have to rewrite the system using something like cordova, so that the code can be ported to android, apple, unix as well as windows. Adaptive controls and input. But somehow WinJS is now showing on intellisense. Learn how it's evolved since version 1.0. A WinJS app is really just a zip of a bunch of JS (using WinJS's nice APIs for fancy stuff), CSS, and HTML, so most web developers who are used to the modern tool chain should be pretty comfortable with it. They also added support for Xbox. WinJS 3.0 is a platform- and browser-agnostic library for building web applications that runs on most desktop and mobile browsers. He has Spanish ancestry through his maternal grandparents. WinJS 3.0 is centered around cross-browser and cross-platform support of desktop and mobile browsers. UWP apps work well with multiple types of input such as keyboard, mouse, touch, pen, and Xbox One controllers. UI elements respond to the size and DPI of the screen the app is running on by adjusting their layout and scale. From this, we choose the name of the event to be “fullViewPossibleChanged” and … Edit: You can see this in the samples where they specifically mention compatibility issues. I am doing a Windows Store app using WinJS because I didn't want to learn xaml. I swear i am not lying, this whole day the WinJS does not appear on intellisense, and i had to test program without intellisense, the … WinJS 2.0 - Again, allowed developers to buid native Windows Store Apps that worked on both Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x. Microsoft has enhanced WinJS by adding support for multiple platforms and several major browsers, has modularized it and made it work with other JavaScript libraries. WinJS 3.0 - Broke these boundaries and allowed its use outside the Windows ecosystem. Worth a closer look. And yes, you can supposedly use it alongside Backbone/Angular/whatever. For all windows(aka winrt) api for all windows store apps – refer here. If you grew up in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s, Julia Stiles was certainly on your radar. WinJS was designed with IE11 in mind, and therefore uses the most modern of APIs and elements. He was born and raised in Hemel Hempstead and was educated at Cavendish School. Increasing compatibility is on their roadmap and hasn't happened yet. As the female lead in 10 Things I Hate About You and Save the Last Dance, the blonde beauty quickly cemented herself as a teen romance queen before starring alongside Matt Damon in the Bourne franchise, beginning with The Bourne Identity in 2002.. Somehow the bug disappeared by itself. Also, the name of the event is chosen from the perspective of the source of the event. As I'm calling an external api, which requires an api key and oauth authentication, I've got a number of keys that I need to keep "secret". For winrt apis example: refer Windows.Storage.FileIO: it provides apis to read/write files. Made WinJS amd modules free of global WinJS, now the wrappers (WinJS.js, base.js, ui.js) are the only things which publish the WinJS global, this enables SxS WinJS. WinJS library provides added functionality to support winjs based application development. Early and personal life. I swear i don't know how it happened. I'm doing a hobby project Windows 8 app in WinJS. Winks is a Tottenham Hotspur fan; he attended his first match at White Hart Lane when he was six. Harry Winks was born to Anita and Gary Winks. He was invited to train at Tottenham's development centre in St Albans after … I like WinJS it's quick and easy to install and use.