As it turned out, it was the extreme electromagnetism of the Island that interfered with pregnancies and resulted in so many deaths. Mass murder is never a good thing, so the fact that Jacob at least allowed the mass murder of the Dharma Initiative (it's his role as "protector," right?) The Island was nearly destroyed when Desmond removed the cork, but Jack managed to save the Island and restore the light by putting the cork back in. Some of the factors that led viewers to wonder if the survivors really were dead the whole time were the post-credits images. They're serving the man who most likely gave the order to murder their friends and co-workers! He was last seen on the Island as a "whisper," unable to move on to the next plane of existence because he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. The bears were evidently modified on a biological level to survive in the climate that should have overheated and killed them; following the Purge that ended the DHARMA Initiative, some of the bears escaped and survived in the jungle to attack and mystify Oceanic 815 survivors many years later. Here are the biggest questions that remain. Walt was freed from the Island early on, so the journey that bonded the Oceanic passengers in the purgatory universe was one that Walt was never really part of. The folks of the DHARMA Initiative survived on the Island thanks to periodic food and supply drops. Lost took the world by storm when it debuted on ABC back in 2004, and the series was something of an unlikely hit. Lost was an intricate puzzle, and we were fascinated by how everything fit together. Personally, I can neither confirm or deny the historical relevance of the statue -  if you're curious, you should do the research. Unfortunately, Michael's spirit may not be able to move on to any afterlife. Jack ultimately became Jacob's replacement, and was then succeeded by Hurley. Claire and Sun survived because they spent most of their pregnancies off-Island. In the end, I think the showrunners went for an "It is what it is," approach with the mystical rules governing the Island; they are convenient plot devices that support the story at various points, but don't really hold up when looked at in conjunction with the entire series. Well, Michael we know is stuck on the Island as a "whisper" because he can't move on, due to his killing of Libby and Ana Lucia in season two. One friend of mine (and I'm sure of yours) watched the finale chanting "They better bring back Walt!" ... Answer Questions. The theory was that fans would need to come down from the emotion rollercoaster that was the finale; the images were not a clue from the executive producers. Why did Desmond see Claire escaping with Aaron? The characters weren't dead the whole time, but they were dead in their final scene. One of the earliest mysteries from the series is also one that was never really explained. Whether it was exhausted by the bomb Juliet set off, or the the moment in season 3 when Locke lost his faith and refused to push the button ("Live Together, Die Alone") the energy was released, and The Swan was destroyed. The finale revealed that the flash sideways were actually glimpses at a sort of afterlife waiting room as people who were important to each other in life reunited in death. Ten years after the emotional and divisive series finale of ABC’s Lost, ... before Lindelof seriously answered the question by saying that Charlie’s death would always be his number one. Well, I "respectfully" disagree. Like most time travel narratives, the situation with the hatch raises a ton of logistical questions, such as: Would Desmond still be on the island if the hatch had been destroyed in the past? James Spader And 6 Veteran Marvel Actors Who Should Return For Disney+'s What If, Why Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick Isn’t Being Sent To Streaming, America's Got Talent Champ Darci Lynne Farmer Shares Thoughts On The Virtual Auditions For Season 16, Halle Berry Talks Her Interracial Family And Why Seeing Black Women On The Big And Small Screen Was So Important, 'One Night In Miami' Interviews With Regina King, Leslie Odom Jr. And More, Letterkenny Interviews with Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K. Trevor Wilson & More, Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Phase Four, Disney+, WandaVision & More.