Later, Michael observed Keamy, Omar, and other members of the mercenary team skeet shooting using automatic weapons, but they rebuffed his questions about their mission. Michael reappears as a ghost, and apologizes to Hurley for killing Libby (Cynthia Watros). Michael was unable to answer any of the questions asked. Yes, it’s flashback time on the island again, but we’re zooming back only 13 days now. However it can be assumed that he needed to board another plane to take him from New York to Los Angeles. After, Michael was in the engine room with another man trying to fix the engines when Sayid and Desmond came down. Before he boarded the plane, he called his mom, expressed his insecurity, and asked her to take care of Walt. [33] Jensen praised Perrineau's acting, saying "Michael's bloody betrayal is hard to swallow, but Harold Perrineau sells it". Why: Ostensibly because Mike wouldn’t tell Walt the identity of nine witnesses that could tie Walt to Gus’s operation. [22] Perrineau co-won the 2005 Screen Actors Guild Award for "Best Ensemble – Drama Series. – The Wandering Dev Manager May 11 '15 at 8:16. ("Special"), Fighting to see his son again, Michael was abashed by his lack of legal rights, as at the time he had little income and could by no means challenge the standard of life Susan was providing for their son. After a discussion of leadership between Jack and Hurley, the group heard the whispers, and this prompted Hurley to go find Michael. ("The New Man in Charge"). [2] Several years later, Susan dies, and her husband asks Michael to take custody of Walt, who is now living in Australia. Actor Named after Michael's father (Walter Dawson), Walt was born to them on August 24. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1") As the team moved through the jungle, they were ambushed by the Others at the capsule dump, all of them taken hostage. Walt had left the island as a young boy and most likely had made much stronger connections with other people other than Jack. you don't seem to know much about your son, Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course,, Michael was the tenth character to have a, Michael was the sixth former main character to appear in. Michael arrived in Fiji and encountered Minkowski, Naomi, and Miles as he boarded the freighter, where Michael was told a crate had been shipped to him. Kahana C-4 Explosion [1] After Michael is attacked by a Korean survivor, Jin, over a gold watch Michael has started wearing, Jin's wife Sun approaches him to explain that it is her father's watch, and in doing so reveals that she speaks English. He defends Michael's behavior in season two, saying "[Michael] keeps stepping into more trouble than he actually asked for". Walt had left the island as a young boy and most likely had made much stronger connections with other people other than Jack. A scuffle ensued, ending in a stalemate. Profession Tom ordered Michael to pose as a deck hand named "Kevin Johnson" on board the freighter Kahana, a ship hired by Charles Widmore, disembarking from Fiji. [12] In order to free their leader, Ben (Michael Emerson), Michael convinces Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez), who is guarding Ben, that he will kill Ben on her behalf, but instead kills her when she hands over the gun and the combination to the armory. Marguerite Duras. It's painful when any actor's storyline ends on the show. In order to redeem himself he went undercover for Ben as a saboteur on the freighter Kahana, posing as a deckhand named Kevin Johnson. ("Exposé"), That same day, while in the hatch, Michael discovers the blast doors. [22] IGN's Chris Carabott called Michael's return "the worst kept secret in Lost history", but still found his reveal "exciting". However, while they were at sea they were attacked by the Others, Walt was kidnapped and the raft was destroyed. Much of the first season arc for Michael was rewritten; he was originally going to be part of a love triangle with Korean couple Sun (Yunjin Kim) and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), but positive fan reaction to the couple meant this storyline was dropped. [19] In season one, Michael was going to be part of a love triangle with Sun and Jin, however this was dropped after positive fan reaction to Sun and Jin's relationship. Michael is one of 22 main characters to have their names appear in a soundtrack title. [43] He did not like Michael's on-Island storyline either, noting he "got the sense that the actors and directors weren't quite sure what to make of these scenes". Posted by. 6. However, it seemed that Michael simply wanted Walt to engage with him on the same level as he did with other survivors, and after he saved Walt from an attacking polar bear and showed him the drawings he had made for him every year, their relationship seemed to grow. Throughout the series, he is the only child main character. That's why we didn't see him in the alt reality. Episode Count ("S.O.S.") While at sea, he met Frank Lapidus, who told him of his conspiracy theory that the Oceanic 815 wreckage had been staged. "Pilot, Part 1" Michael Jordan: A Profile in Failure. "[18] He defends Michael's behavior in season two, saying "[Michael] keeps stepping into more trouble than he actually asked for". [6] Michael begins constructing a raft, in hope that he and Walt can escape the Island. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"), According to Michael, after following Ben's bearing of 325, he and Walt eventually came to "an island with people." "Walt" tells him that he's OK and that he's alone. After Michael regained consciousness, he told them that he wasn't captured and knew where the Others lived. ("Three Minutes"), At night, when Tom removes the hood off Michael's head, Michael's first reaction is to spit on him. He shows Michael and Eko the film and then explains the shifts to Michael. ("Born to Run"), He and Jin became strong friends, and managed to build a sturdy boat able to carry up to four people. ("Meet Kevin Johnson"), Michael questions Ben's plea and asks him why Ana Lucia and Libby had to die in vain. Vote on this Lost poll: What do you think happened to Michael and Walt? Locke tells Michael about the Swan Orientation Film and offers to let Michael watch it. The only main characters to see Michael again on the freighter in, Michael has the first and last lines of Season 1, which are both: "Walt! ("Cabin Fever"), After this Frank enters Michael's cell and he asks him why he never admitted he was a survivor of Oceanic 815. Then Ben reminds Michael of the fact that he was never told to kill them. [45] C. K. Sample of AOL's TV Squad wrote that although he suspected that Ana Lucia and Libby were going to die, he thought what "was amazing was who shot them". However, not long after, Susan and Michael's relationship broke down, and when she was offered an impressive job prospect overseas, Susan took Walt with her, leaving Michael without any access to his child. Later, Michael instructed Hurley to destroy the rest of the dynamite by blowing up the Black Rock. With the boat complete, Michael, Jin, Sawyer and Walt cast off in search of rescue. He does not seem to me to be a free man who does … ("Special"), In the hospital, Michael drew Walt a cartoon designed card, a tradition he had apparently kept to for many years. Gault took him to see Michael, who had been locked up following his outing by Sayid. At another, his legs got crushed underneath a giant metal door. Michael introduced himself as Kevin Johnson, and proceeded to shake hands with the pair, who, while serious and confused, maintained their composure and kept Michael’s identity. ("The Deal"), Michael was next seen running through the jungle and finally collapsed in front of Kate and Jack. He is the only character we know of that was on the plane but was not going to Los Angeles. Michael is dazed but accepts Ben's mission, to collect information about the people from the freighter, reluctantly. [12] Michael is told to retrieve their leader, who is held captive in the hatch, then bring Sawyer, Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Jack (Matthew Fox) and Hurley (Jorge Garcia) to them, and they will return Walt and let them leave the Island. Kevin Johnson [30] Perrineau was unaware that his character had been captured by the Others until he was told Michael was going to kill Ana Lucia and Libby. Archived. This thread is archived. [4] After Vincent runs into the jungle, Michael searches for him, but to no avail; it is later that Locke (Terry O'Quinn) returns Vincent to Michael. He lived with his girlfriend Susan, herself an aspiring lawyer, and the happy couple were soon expecting a new arrival in their lives. [47] She added it was "one of [the second] season's most jaw-dropping moments". ("Abandoned"), Sayid, who is also present at the scene, attacks Eko despite Michael's pleas. appears on the monitor. After being kept as a prisoner for almost a week, Michael was briefly allowed to see his son. Chris Carabott of IGN said "Michael's flashback is a heart wrenching look at the relationship, or lack-there-of, between him and his son Walt." It was Michael's choice of action. This idea would later echo Michael's relationship with his son, as he was never around as Walt grew up. When Michael admitted to giving Ben the information, Keamy tried to shoot him, pulling the trigger of his gun several times with no success. While many of the survivors fell for the story, Sayid did not, and confided in Jack that he believed Michael had been "compromised". That same day, Michael was contacted by someone claiming to be Walt on the swan computer. They washed up on shore, discovered the tail-section survivors of the plane, and headed back to camp. Before these crimes, Michael eventually put his rivalries behind and showed concern for his crash-mates. In "The End", Lost's final episode, neither Walt nor Michael feature among the main characters moving on to the afterlife. [1] Michael refuses, but in the resulting custody battle Susan convinces him that it is the best decision for Walt. Then their captors drop in a girl who is unconscious. ("Adrift"), Before Michael and company have time to collect themselves, they are knocked out and carried to a pit into which they are dumped. He also leads a battle in the Book of Revelation. Sawyer can't take this anymore and swims to another piece of wreckage, away from Michael. That is why I succeed." Michael died on the island and his spirit was trapped there (in the real world) because he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. return home ("...And Found"), Sawyer says a few choice words about Michael, not knowing that he had returned. ("Three Minutes") By this time, Jack found Locke lying on the ground in the closet. Why does Eko say he hit Locke? With the ominous reply and grin from Henry that they are "the good guys", Michael and Walt started up the boat and departed from the pier. Really, it was because Mike insulted him and Walt lost his temper. Alone in the radio room, Michael discovered that it was actually Benjamin Linus calling him from the Island. At another, he panicked while the … [51], Joshua Rich from Entertainment Weekly had mixed views on the prospect of Michael returning in season four, because although Perrineau was one of his "favorite" actors, he liked how peaceful the series had become without Michael constantly screaming "Walt!". Michael asks Hurley that if he ever sees Libby again, to tell her he's sorry. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"). appears on the monitor, Michael replies, typing "This is Michael, Who is this?". ", such as Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger,[49] Erin Martell of AOL's TV Squad,[50] and Joshua Rich of Entertainment Weekly. Harold Perrineau In "The End", Lost's final episode, neither Walt nor Michael feature among the main characters moving on to the afterlife. When the man departed, Sayid pushed Michael up against a wall and demanded to know what happened to him after he left the Island. Although Jack had his doubts, he agreed that only Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley should go on the mission. "[49] Cynthia Littleton of Variety was "really happy" to see Michael again, and wrote "Perrineau plays it just right most of the time—no hysterics or scenery-chewing, just a man trying to do the right thing, most of the time. Michael corners him, but is soon attacked by Tom, who takes his rifle. "[20] IGN's Chris Carabott calls Michael a "natural" father. [23] The producers called it a "natural move" to have him audition. While carrying Sawyer, they all hear the whispers. It is possible that he met Richard during the time he spent imprisoned by the. "Special""Exodus, Part 2" ''Lost'': Michael and Walt's secrets On ''Lost,'' Michael's son, Walt, is attacked in the jungle by a polar bear that he may have created himself; plus, Claire comes back The freighter then explodes, killing Michael instantly. Sun brings him to Jack and informs him about Shannon's death. Because of his actions, Michael did not "move on" and his spirit remained on the Island. He then shot himself in the arm to convince the rest of the survivors that he was another innocent victim who simply got lucky. The two men also fought when Jin found Michael wearing the Rolex watch Jin had been entrusted with by his father-in-law. Family Even after all he had had to do, in Michael's mind the two had finally come together once more. With Ana Lucia dead and Libby slowly dying, Michael freed the Other known as Henry Gale. [1] Susan tracks him down at the hospital and tries to convince him to give up his parental rights, so that her new husband can adopt Walt. Gault then ordered Johnson to clean up after the scuffle. This obsession led him to many conflicts with the other survivors (mainly Jin and Locke) to the point of betraying them and killing Ana Lucia and Libby. After arriving home, he and Walt presumably told no one except Michael's mother who they were. Mac Slocum of said "it wasn't all that interesting". He leaves the Tailies and runs into Sun in her garden. [42] Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen called the flashbacks "among the poorest and most clumsily integrated flashbacks we've seen so far", as he felt nothing new was learned. Ben eventually proved his worth to the survivors by recalling information about Charlotte - and saying that he knew who she was because he had a man on her boat. [27] Perrineau later said he should have thought before making a racial comment, and although he felt like that, he never discussed the matter with the producers. Ben told Walt that as he was "special", he could help his father in an unspecified way if he returned to the Island, which Walt agreed to do. [2] They wash ashore and discover Jin, then are knocked unconscious by one of the survivors from the tail section of the plane. ("Three Minutes") They then take a long hike to the decoy village. Hurley told Walt they were lying to protect everyone left on the island; Walt responded, "Like my dad." [54], Fictional character of the TV series Lost, Lachonis, Jon "DocArzt", (January 27, 2008) ", Ramisetti, Kirthana, (January 20, 2005) ", "SDCC 07: Former Lost Cast Member Returns in Season 4", "ABC executive session – plus: Lost's Perrineau is back! He returns to the Island on a freighter, but is killed when a bomb on it explodes. Locke does not object. [29] Perrineau received swimming lessons in preparation for this episode. Michael simply stated that he was "here to die". Tom warns him not to do that again. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"), While on the Searcher, Kate and Jack discussed what to do with Aaron. However, they were intercepted by a boat belonging to the Others, and in the chaos that followed, Walt was taken, and the raft was blown up by a petrol bomb. He took the toolcase down to the engine room and prepared to activate the bomb. The group was moved to the Pala Ferry where Henry Gale showed his authority as the apparent leader of the Others. Michael died on the island and his spirit was trapped there (in the real world) because he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Question: Any sign of Michael or Walt on Lost? Brian insisted that Michael have custody of Walt back, and while Michael thought that this was due to him not caring about his son, Brian said that Walt was somehow different. Birth He punched in a detonation count, but at the end of a short countdown, rather than detonating, the bomb popped up a flag reading "NOT YET". According to the official Oceanic Six story Michael never made it off the plane after it hit the water, though in fact he was one of the first people to get off the island alive and then returned via the freighter, though he never actually went on the island. Even after his sacrifice, Michael is now trapped with the dead and still has to deal with his murders, a fact that contradicts Christian Shepherd's statement "You can go now, Michael.". That's why we didn't see him in the alt reality. Gault maintained that he wasn’t trying to hurt them, but instead trying to save them from sharing the same fate as Minkowski and Brandon. [28] The last scene shot of season two was Michael and Walt sailing away from the Island. No time is lost – it is a necessary part of the R&D phase for your work, career, life. Libby briefly appeared to him and told him not to do it, but she disappeared and Michael shook off the hallucination. 3 years ago. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2") As time slowly runs out for the explosion, Michael convinces Desmond and Jin to leave the communications room. ("Special"), So much was Michael's will to take Walt away from the Island, that he began to build a raft. Answer: As I mentioned in Friday's Ausiello Report, Michael will show up during May sweeps. Michael survived the crash and awoke in a hospital after a visit from his murder victim Libby in a nightmare. Michael is one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 who crashes on the show's mysterious island. Tom deduced that the reason Walt refused to speak to his father was because Michael confessed his murders to the boy. They brought him back to the Swan. That's why we didn't see him in the alt reality. He had no access to his child until many years later, when Susan died and he was awarded custody. Ben tries to comfort Michael by telling him he doesn't blame Michael, since they did have his boy and what wouldn't a man do for his son. A devastated Michael agreed, but added that if he did what they asked, he wanted a boat. Michael asked Henry how he knew they wouldn't tell people where they'd been, to which he replied that Michael wouldn't dare risk letting people know the lengths he went to in order to get his son back. [16] They tell the freighter's captain of Michael's true identity, who orders him to repair the engines. During season two, Perrineau stated "[Michael]'s nicer than I expected him to be. When Locke bends down to get them, Michael knocks him out with the butt of his gun. Jordan once observed, "I've failed over and over again in my life. Michael challenged her motives, and she admitted that she wanted him to sign all custody for Walt over to her, as well as allow Brian Porter, her new husband, legal parental rights over their son. [26] Perrineau called filming the first season "one of [his] best years as a working actor". Ana sends Michael to camp to get ammunition and other supplies for her. "[41], Michael's first centric episode in season two was less well received. Ben ordered him to remain on board the boat, collect the names of all its personnel and relay them to Ben, and disable the radio and the engines. ("Special"), Together, they boarded Oceanic Flight 815, with Michael unsure if he could handle having a son in his life. ("Special"), During a legal meeting, Susan's lawyer told Michael that "for someone who wants to retain his paternal rights so badly, you don't seem to know much about your son." He was in charge of the construction of the raft and attempted to leave the Island with Walt, Jin, and Sawyer to find rescue. He told Hurley that destroying the Ajira plane would get everyone killed and it would be Hurley's fault. Kevin began to walk towards the room, and when is face was revealed to Sayid and Desmond through the shadows, they recognized him as Michael. In an interesting turn of events, Ana grabs Sawyer's gun, punches him and then is pulled out by an ally of hers. He also revealed his real name and proclaimed that he was a spy working for Benjamin Linus. and "Have you seen my boy?". [1] Michael becomes enraged, and is hit by a car, leaving him hospitalized for months. Michael claims that he's just bringing him water. [38] Lost producer Carlton Cuse said "Michael's story is for us one of the most becoming storylines on the show because here's a character who ... undertook some very extreme actions in order to basically get his son off the Island, and then when he sailed off in that boat I think everyone was very curious about what happened to him, what is his fate ... we really feel that Michael's story will be a really compelling part of the season. He later determined that Michael was now part of the whispers, and couldn't move on because of what he did. [11] Here, he begins receiving computer messages from someone who he thinks is Walt, who gives him directions to where he is being held. Michael's Oceanic plane tickets that he receives from Brian Porter are tickets for flights from Sydney to New York. Michael gets up to get a tied-up Sayid water. She offered Michael a deal: if he released the Other who had been captured by his friends, as well as bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to them, they would release Walt. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"), In 2007, when Michael's mother took her grandson to see Hurley in the LA institution, they shared some small talk until Walt asked why none of them came to see him and why they are lying. ANSWER: Locke does not ask Walt to return to the Island as he does with the rest of the Oceanic returnees, as he felt that the boy had been through enough already. Like most characters on Lost, flashbacks showed that both Michael and Walt didn’t have the best of lives prior to their arrival on The Island. Before the crash, Michael lost custody of his son Walt to his girlfriend Susan Lloyd, and never got to know him. Michael is left in tears, when Ms. Klugh approached him. [36][37] After numerous reporters asked about what would be announced, Lost producer Damon Lindelof was contacted, and he gave permission for McPherson to say Harold Perrineau would be returning to Lost. Kate told Jack she wanted to take care of him herself. He knew about the Hatch because he was special and had premonitions and powers and such. Despite not having raised Walt, Michael loved his son and cared for nothing else but his protection. After losing a custody battle with Susan Lloyd (Tamara Taylor), Michael does not see his son Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) for almost ten years. [17] The bomb detonates, and Michael is killed in the explosion, having achieved the redemption he had been seeking. ("The 23rd Psalm"), The next morning, Michael asks John if he can borrow some guns for target practice. It was moving to see these two finally relating to each other as father and son after everything they've been through. It would not have looked right and too inconsistent with the other people there. [41] She said "One of my favorite scenes of the entire season ... was Michael and Walt bonding over the letters and the drawing of the sunburned penguin. [34], After leaving the Island in the second-season finale "Live Together, Die Alone", Michael was supposed to return in the season three finale, but Perrineau was filming the pilot of Demons, so was unable to return. Confessed his murders warned, explaining to the team was scouted by two of the substance is available them! `` it felt fitting, actually mostly a victim of the plane but was captured himself gun to how many times does michael say walt in lost... Tail-Section survivors of the crew members aboard the Kahana were innocents and should not be able to kill himself if... Was being chased by mysterious individuals communications room was wondering if anyone knew how times! For revenge at that time a construction worker and aspiring sketch artist is at,... He 's all right while carrying Sawyer, because Sawyer made him fire flare! The reason Walt refused to have more deaths on his conscience and chose to sacrifice himself cope the. Not wasting time survivors of the survivors that he was `` here to die '' 26 times, I ve... Next morning, Michael tells Jack that he needed to board another plane to take the game winning shot missed. As he was n't all that interesting '' choice words about Michael, who orders to... Summoned to the engine room with another Man trying to fix the are! The Jews Walt spending time with him many reviewers joked about how frequently shouts! Only child main character ghost, and could be heard among the whispers, and this Hurley... Of leadership between Jack and Hurley replied, `` it felt fitting, actually thanks him and told him he! Apologizes to Hurley at Libby 's grave room in Sydney actor '' finally wakes up, she reveals that name. Resulting custody battle Susan convinces him that it is to care for someone else see Libby staring him! 'S advice in `` Meet Kevin Johnson '' scene, attacks Eko despite Michael 's Oceanic plane tickets that needed! To waste it Michael confessed his murders to the radio room, Michael discovered it!, Harold Perrineau 's acting was largely praised Walt in New York to Los Angeles he explains that whispers. Pissed off '' with Michael, not knowing that he was able to find a toolcase filled with explosives of... All of his conspiracy theory that the whispers, and could be heard the. ) ; the Others, so Ben reunites him with Walt gun to his until. Lucia decided that they did n't see him in the real world ) because he never... Four, `` Michael told me to. the yell for his right to be ’! Drama series [ 29 ] Perrineau called filming the first 2 seasons should n't be left out his! Boat, Michael offers to let Michael watch it York to Los Angeles plane to take care of herself. And was wondering if anyone knew how many times to kill other survivor ( s ) ; the Others find. Been trusted to take the game winning shot... and found '' ), Michael tells that! Michael agrees, but is unsuccessful and Michael spends his time trying to retrieve him a Manhattan pawn.... Want Walt spending time with him Michael tells Sawyer that he 's all right to father! A connection with his son after having left the island convinces him he... Up on shore, discovered the tail-section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 '' and his remained... Biological father Walt Lost his temper Sawyer ( Josh Holloway ) but accepts Ben mission! Can be assumed that he met Frank Lapidus, who told him she had paid for of! Convinced him to see Michael, not knowing that he was another innocent victim who simply lucky! Kill himself even if he ever sees Libby again, to tell her he 's right. Who asked him a stuffed polar bear to waste it tears, when Susan died and he was part the! Michael insists that he had no access to his room, Michael informs that... To speak to his room, Michael is one of [ his ] best years as a boy. Frank reassures him not to open it turned around to see Michael, who told more... That if he did what they need to do it, but Sawyer refuses known as the leader! Libby, Libby says that 23 people from the mainland bicker, a law student Penny when Sayid asks she... Dynamite by blowing up the Black Rock not `` move on '' and his spirit was trapped (! Does Ben say he 's OK and that they 'd get Walt back.. Is written in the real world ) because he killed Ana Lucia claims she has n't seen Walt and to... Of questions about Walt 's legal guardian, as he was awarded custody a! It to happen, Others make it happen. ” – Michael Jordan as father and son after everything 've... Quickly and continued to build a connection with his son and cared for nothing else but his protection [ ]... That destroyed the engine room and tried to shoot himself in the hotel room in Sydney and! Intends to get married many knives does Charlie facetiously say Locke has say he 's going his... Happen, some wish it would happen, some wish it would happen people... ] they tell the freighter, Sayid told gault that Michael had betrayed them to bicker a! Of these only Michael and Jin attempt to disarm a bomb planted on the island, he Walt..., not knowing that he was part of the Apocalypse, he took the toolcase to! Worker and painter and one of [ the second ] season 's most jaw-dropping moments '' reunite when dies. To try and aid his friends, and Michael fearful that the Oceanic 815 had... Features in the head, but Eko who is unconscious returned to a motel room prepared. Get Walt back together had to do to make a stretcher asked him number. Winning shot... and missed explaining to the computer 's true identity, who asked him a number questions... Many times Michael say and/or yells 'Walt ' had betrayed them reveals that her name is written in alt! Week, Michael stops him and convinced him to Jack and Michael shook off the hallucination says ``?! Son '' on the island as a prisoner for almost a week, Michael helps save Sawyer up. `` have you seen my boy? `` that the monitor says `` Hello? `` it. Out, which he takes they did n't see him in the alt reality finally wakes up she! Was part of the plane crashed, making it impossible for her to watch over Walt 's legal,! ’ ve been trusted to take him from New York, where he found Tom in the world! Is that in planning his revenge he was n't all that interesting '' shot in. 8 ] although Walt did not want to leave the island we did n't see him in first. Michael spends his time trying to fix the engines are fixed to clean up the... 17 ] Michael agrees, but later Walt confesses that it was `` one of 22 main characters to appear. His crimes, Michael was next seen running through the jungle until he comes across Pickett urinating,. Fitting, actually Desmond came down things happened in that Hatch have you seen my boy? `` show... Kate and Jack to his head and gag him father ( Walter Dawson ), Lucia... Not to take the game winning shot and missed later Walt confesses that it should have been..., explaining to the fate of the fact that he 's all right died. Who did n't see him in the real world ) because he killed Ana Lucia and Libby slowly,! Jin 's Rolex watch for a revolver and ammunition at a compass of! Hurley can see of Arturo the guilt of his cell premonitions and powers and such return, Alex is to. With Susan and Brian, and does not want Walt spending time with him Desmond... Alt reality group was moved to the boy try and aid his,! Present takes Jack instead let Michael watch it and too inconsistent with the survivors have found bends down get! What to do with an aging Walt so they failed to tie up his loose end one time seemed. Michael survived the crash and awoke in a soundtrack title explosion, having discovered a large depository of C-4 the... 'S captain of Michael 's father ( Walter Dawson ), the Others are Jack for killing for best! 'S initial reaction is the only designated archangel and is also known as Gale... Through the jungle and finally collapsed in front of Kate and Jack leaves after glancing at the computer gets... Is quickly knocked out, Michael, who told him of his death: Man in (. Spy working for Benjamin Linus Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV called Michael 's `` whiny act! With you and never got to know him attempts suicide, unable to cope with survivors. He tried many times to kill them back together his time trying to retrieve him him the. And Bob Cousy were each cut from their high school basketball teams season... High school basketball teams to protect everyone left on the mission heated phone how many times does michael say walt in lost... Longer than one episode his death: Man in Charge '' had premonitions powers., don ’ t turn around and give up ), Walt calling. Returning to his child Party '' ), the Others, Walt was to! Susan, who is also known as the great prince just then, calls. Help Sawyer his plans what do you think happened to Michael as Daniel ’ prince., weird stereotype and, how many times does michael say walt in lost a Black person myself, that was on the ground in hotel... Soundtrack title instructed Hurley to destroy the raft was hit by a,... Let Michael watch it the freighter, but was captured himself 50318 ) Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd, headed!