the others's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. The Others, and more specifically, the people living the the temple, 'kidnapped' the people they thought were worthy to live with them on the island. Maddi Lyn Hanni, 17, died Wednesday following a single-car crash on I … In the television show Lost, what do the Others want? 1. Some of them were absorbed, the people Jacob listed, he needed those people to be at a certain place. That's a big undertaking because Lost's disappointing series finale is as iconic as … They were there to protect the island, violently if necessary, as it was a place of great importance. With time on my hands, I revisited the series in the past few months. The Others, or the indigenous island habitants; had been open about their purpose on the island all the way through the series. After the Others were introduced, it was believed that they were the source of the whispers -- but this was not the case. 1961. There are also a good number of deaths that are left up to our imaginations. He didn't believe her when she told him about the whispers she heard when her baby was taken by the Others. The Others followed Jacob's requests through Alpert, they aligned with the "good" force on the island. . A newly translated ancient Hebrew text provides clues to what may have happened to the Ark of the Covenant, along with the other treasures in King Solomon’s Temple. In Lost season 1, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) encountered the French woman for the first time. Age 8. Tacoma, … RIGBY — A Rigby teenager is being remembered for her love of hunting, fishing, riding horses and helping others. At the same time, they never seemed to attempt to kidnap any candidates, which is odd. Maria. Many of the people on 815 were candidates, Jacob most definitely wouldn't want the Others to kill them, Jacob wasn't a fan of murder. This is the first of two occasions when the man ultimately elected president first lost both the popular vote and the electoral vote. Ann Marie Burr (December 14, 1952 — disappeared from Tacoma, Washington, August 31, 1961). The Other Madisons is a tale that Bettye Kearse was literally born to tell…As she journeys in search of her deepest, most painful family roots, Kearse unfurls an intensely personal tale that is also a quintessentially American story.

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