85. Got a new feature on GG folks might enjoy (or be depressed by) - Galactic Legends Gear Needed. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes character gear requirements and tracker 87 % Commander Luke Skywalker 3. With this sheet you can plan really good which gear you need to farm the most. 85. One of the craziest things I think I have ever done or seen playing SWGoH. Disney already messed up the skywalker saga and now CG is just forcing another cash grab down our throats with 2 characters nobody even likes let alone thinks they're legends. The only people who think they're legends is Disney. Profile Characters Squads GAC History Ships Mods Zetas Gear Needed Galactic Legends Gear Needed Checklist Settings Player Navigation ... 100 % Rey (Jedi Training) 2. This game only saddens me with every new update. 85. Pride and Accomplishment. [SWGOH.GG] Galactic Legends Gear Needed. Ki-Adi-Mundi supercharges him into a monster and can push consistent damage around 200,000! 4. Ima-Gun Di has broken SWGoH and can do Galactic Legends level of damage! 85. 93 % BB-8 2. Double Drops Get prepared for Galactic Legends with a series of limited time Double Drops! 85. 94 % Geonosian Brood Alpha 3. 85. Both were huge milestones for the game, but in addition to that there have been a number of reworks, new characters from season 1 of The Mandalorian, new tiers for Assault Battles, and a brand new game mode with Galactic Challenges. 7. 87 % Darth Vader 3. We will be announcing the next requirements roughly every 2 weeks so keep an eye on the forums for Sith Eternal Emperor and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker news and fulfill your destiny with two of the galaxy’s most powerful icons! Best F2P/Easiest Galactic Legends Guide! I made a sheet completely suited for all 4 Galactic Legends (Rey, Kylo, Master Luke, Eternal Emperor) and also Jedi Knight Luke. 85. We brought you the first Galactic Legends and Jedi Knight Luke finally appeared in Galaxy of Heroes. 61 % Emperor Palpatine 1. 4. 4. 85. 66 % Han Solo 1. Since he had quit the game in the meanwhile, he allowed me to continue his work. 85. Hopefully this is helpful in people's farming efforts! 69 % CT-7567 "Rex" 1. Today’s update adds the next set of requirements for Galactic Legends Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Sith Eternal Emperor to the Journey Guide. ---- … Gear, Relics, and Character Requirements Comparison. 67 % Jolee Bindo 1. Can check it out on your profile via the player menu. 7. The SWGoH Community Team is Growing Developer Q&A - January 2019 Event Calendar - … Who cares about galactic legends. Who cares about Rey and kylo ren. 85. My sheet is strongly based on Jones' work. 87 % Jedi Knight Revan 1. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker’s event returns for a limited time and General Anakin Skywalker’s event, Clash on Kamino, is now available permanently! 6. Best F2P/Easiest Galactic Legends Guide! Commander Luke Skywalker 4. 85.